GZCH-2500 audio frequency generator

GZCH-2500 audio frequency generator

Audio-frequency generator GZCH-2500 is designed for locating underground utilities and power cables with determining the depth of their position, as well as pinpointing of short circuits of the cable cores using induction method.

Main features (with receiver P-806 or POISK-2016):

·Route tracing of cables and metallic gas and water pipes 

·Depth evaluation of cables and metallic pipes 

·Cable selection 

·Accurate location of cable faults according to the twist method 


Output power in matched mode, W, min 2500

Output voltage in idling mode, V, max 300

Oscillation frequencies, Hz 1024/2048

Modulation frequencies, Hz 1.5/3

Number of load matching stages 12

Load resistance range, Ohm 0.5-150

Power supply 220± 22V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, mm 320x360x200

Weight, kg 15

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