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DTE-70/50D hipot tester AC/DC insulation testerIllustration

DTE-70/50Dhigh voltage testing device

High-voltage testing device DTE-70/50D (hipot tester) is designed for insulation testing of high voltage cables with rectified voltage up to 70 kV DC (also switchgears, arresters, insulators, dischargers, reclosers, busbars etc.) and other objects with AC voltage up to 50 kV AC. The hipot tester device has digital kilovoltmeter and ammeter.
DTE-70/50D high voltage test system, is reliable, time-tested, portable device.Each portable set consists of two distinct modules: the control module and the high voltage module.
With the control module, you can select the operating mode AC or DC, adjust the output level, and monitor both the voltage and leakage current from a safe distance. The control module also has idle operation switch.

On the other hand, the high voltage module is an oil-insulated power source that supplies high voltage to the test object. It is controlled by the control module.
The leakage current measurement is useful in determining the unit under test's ability to withstand overvoltages.

Two models of DTE-70/50D are available with 0.1 meters and with 0.01 meters of mA and kV meter. 
Parameters    Output voltage type: DC AC            Max output voltage, kV 70 50                    Max output current, mA 14.5 45                        Output voltage measuring range, kV 0.5-70 0.5-50                Output current measuring range, mA 0-14.5 0-45    Resolution of measurment 0.1 mA and 0.1 kV (0.01 mA and 0.01 kV optional)    Overcurrent protection, mA, max 16 46                      High voltage unit overcurrent protection limit, A 10 10                       Supply voltage 220V +/- 22V; 50 (60) Hz    Current and voltage measurement error, % 3 (of full reading)    Control unit weight, kg 11    High voltage unit weight, kg 44    Control unit dimensions, mm 315x220x365    High voltage unit dimensions, mm 360x285x670