DTE-70/50D hipot tester

POISK-2016 cable fault location receiver

Receiver POISK-2016 is intended for damages location of any type in any power cables with voltage of 0.4-35 kV using the acoustic and induction methods.The receiver can be used for:
• Power cables fault location using acoustic method during spark breakdown of core on its sheath (FP type SB);
• Buried power cables fault location using acoustic method during single-phase solid short-circuits (FP type SSC);
• Choosing exact cable from a cable bunch using acoustic method of open cable lines;
• determination of points with poor contact of sheath with cable core;
• determination of cable line route and the fault prelocation using induction method;
• determination of the depth of the buried cable;
• determination of the leak in the insulation of XLPE cable sheath or pipeline using potential method;
• determination of the leak in the insulation of low-voltage cable core to the ground using potential method.Receiver POISK-2016 is designed for operation in conjunction with low frequency generator GZCH-2500 or Surge Wave Generator SWGB with the following parameters:
• storage capacity for fault location type SSC 300-400 microfarads.• at a charging voltage of 5-10 kV;• pulse frequency 0.2-1 Hz.
Such SWG model is useful for location of SSC type faults.To determine the SB damage, - storage capacity may be reduced to 1.5 uF.In addition for tracing the cable line under test (ie, determining the route of buried cable) or location of faults in cables such as phase-to-phase shot-circuit is required low frequency generator GZCH-2500.