SPARK-4 TDR time-domain reflectometer

SPARK-4time-domain reflectometer TDR

SPARK-4 time-domain reflectometer TDR
High-voltage oscillography reflectometer "SPARK-4" is designed for distance fault locations of communication and power supply cables.
The device allows:- to detect and to find the distance to the damage or discontinuity place by using- the location (reflectometry) method for symmetrical and asymmetrical cables;-·to measure the length of cables (including that in reels and coils) or the distance- to the spot of rupture or short circuit;-·to save in memory, to store and to process the measurement results;-·as a part of test vans or SWGB, to find distance to the damage in cables up to 16,4 km (35 km on request) long by all kinds of damages without using complete insulation per-burning.-·Work from inbuilt battery or from power line mains
Measuring methods for distance fault locations :-·TDR (low voltage pulse method) TDR (time-domain reflectometry) - low-resistance faults, open cable breaks, various impedance changes characterization (cable sleeves, branches, etc.), total cable length measurement (incl. on a drum or bundle) and cable shortening ratio measurement. ;-·ARC** (high-voltage arc pulse method) - high-resistance and unstable faults, minimal harmful effects on a cable. ;-·ICE** (impulse current envelope method) - high-resistance faults that cannot be converted to low-resistance by burning faulty insulation ;-·Decay** (travelling wave method) - (voltage wave oscillation method): faults with high breakdown voltage.**together with SWGB or cable test vans
In addition, the reflectometer provides operation with various arc stabilization devices, to measure the distance to the fault location of power supply cables.
The device allows you to save an unlimited number of reflectograms on an external storage medium (USB flash drive) or compare any two reflectograms between each other during the measurement. With the connected USB flash drive, the operator can compare an unlimited number of different reflectograms logs during the measurement.
Attention! Processing of the saved reflectograms on the computer is performed with the help of a special program, which is transmitted to the consumer taking into account his requirements for working with the program.
ParametersMaximum measured distance to the damage place, 16.4 km (35 km on request)Minimum measured distance to the damage place, 3 mMeasurement resolution, 0.5 metersParameters of high voltage monitoring pulses at a load of 30 Ohm:-·amplitude from 3 to 60 kV-·acceleration time 0.15 µs, max.-·pulse width duration 2 µs, max.
Parameters of low-voltage monitoring pulses at a load of 30 Ohm:-·amplitude, 5 V, min.-·acceleration time, 0.02 µs, max.-·pulse width duration, 0.03-10 µs
Maximum operating voltage of the pulse voltage sensor, 60 kVMax continuous work 5 hoursInbuilt battery parameters 6.5 V, 3.2 Ah