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DTE-450/3000 protection relays tester

DTE-450/3000protection relays tester

DTE-450/3000 protection relays testing device
Protection relays testing device DTE-450/3000 intended for:-·adjustment and testing of simple protection relays in places of their installation: at power plants, substations, industrial plants or in the laboratory-·adjustment and testing of electroautomatics elements (electromagnetic relays, contactors, motor starters, etc.)-·adjustment and testing of circuit breakers
DTE-450/3000 tester housed within a single enclosure, which creates additional convenience during use. It includes connecting wires and cables to connect testing objects.
Parameter3-Ranges of AC output voltage, V 0-50 V                                                                         0-250 V                                                                         0-450 V
3 Ranges of DC output voltage, V 0-50 V                                                                       0-250 V                                                                       0-450 V
Output voltage measuring accuracy, % 1,5%Measurement resolution of output voltage, mV 10 mVOutput current AC current ranges, 0-20A                                                                      0-200AOptionally added pulse-phase range of output current for testing circuit breakers 0-3000A
Output voltage measuring accuracy, % 1.5%Measurement resolution of output current, mA 10 mATime intervals measurer in range 0-9999,9 secMeasurement accuracy of time interval 0,2 msMeasurement resolution of time interval 0,1 msPower supply 220V +/- 10% (50/60 Hz)Power consumption, W max 5000 WWeight (without wires) 36 kg