DTE-70/50D hipot tester

DTE-10M Primary current injector

DTE-10M primary current injector
Current injector for testing automatic circuit breakers is intended:● to test the functionality and control of ampere-second characteristics of AC circuit breakers in the range of 20A up to 10kA, and measuring and storing of values of time and current flowing through the circuit breaker, hereinafter CB;● for the verification and certification of the current, measurement and protection current transformers with primary current;● for testing and calibration of current relays;● for testing and calibration of thermal current relays;● to check the fuses;● can be used as a source of regulated AC current up to 10kA in a low-impedance power circuits for laboratory works.
To ensure the electrical safety of personnel, conducting output circuits has galvanic (electric) isolation from the power line.
The voltage on the output lines of device with fully opened thyristor key is less than 7V, which is beneficial to the contacts of circuit breakers during the off the device - significantly reduce its wear during repeated tests.
The device allows registering the value of the supplied current and timing the automatic circuit breaker switching interval.
DTE-10M primary current injector is a mobile device, which could be easily transported to a required testing location. Also it can be used with single phase voltage regulator as an option. 
    Supply voltage, V 220V± 10% (380V± 10%)          Freuency, Hz 50/60    Max output current on busbars, kA (rms) 11 (9)                      Max output voltage on busbars, V 7              Output current measuring range (true rms), A 20-11000    Current measurement reduced error, % 3                Tripping time measuring range, seconds 0.01-9999                      Time measurement reduced error, % 1.5    Temperature protection tripping, 96±5%    Capacity, kVA 55    Net weight, kg 56    Dimensions, mm 532x244x424