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RD-30high voltage kilovoltmeter

RD-30 kilovoltmeter / voltage divider
RD-30 provides a measurement of:- RMS value of the AC voltage of 50 Hz.- DC voltage average value.
RD-30 can be used to test high-voltage laboratories of electrical and energy profile, as well as scientific research, institutions.Voltage nonsinusoidality ratio must not exceed 8%.Ripple DC voltage must not exceed 1%.The distance from high-voltage inputs of RD-30 to power object not less than 0.5 m.Interconnection between 2 units (high-voltage unit and metering unit) is wireless.
ParametersMeasuring range DC voltage (average): 1 to 30 kV.Measuring range of the AC voltage (RMS) from 1 to 30 kV.Bandwidth: 0-500 Hz.Input impedance of high-voltage unit RD-30 on DC 60 ± 2 MOhms.Input impedance of high-voltage unit RD-30 on AC, 50 Hz: 50 ± 5 MOhms.Maximum permissible relative error of DC and AC measurement: ± 1,0%.Power supply of HV unit and remote control unit: 4xNi-MH batteries AA of 1.2 V and a capacity of 1.8-2.1 A • h:Supply voltage: 5 ± 0,2V.Continuous operation without recharging: at least 8 hours.Radiochannel range: at least 5m.Continuous operation of RD-30 with an input voltage up to 30 kV: up to 8 hours.Operation mode setup time after the power:1 minute.Dimensions:RD30-HV: 250x200x150 mm;RD30-RC: 95x190x40 mm.Weight:RD30-HV: max 1 kg.RD30-RC: max 0.5 kg.