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DTE-70/50D hipot tester

DTE-100/12 Dtester for rubber gloves boots, instrument

DTE SVS-100/12 D dielectric safety PPE tester for rubber gloves boots, equipment
DTE SVS-100/12 D - personal protection equipment tester: - Rubber gloves- Rubber boots- Lineman's instruments- High voltage dielectric rods.
DTE SVS-series gloves, sleeves, boots test units are designed for the ultimate in convenience, efficiency and performance. Each set is equipped to test different classes of gloves 00, 0, 1, 2.Models are available with 4 or 12 test positions (12 electrodes model is optional).Besides gloves and sleeves, sets can test helmets, boots, hose, hoods, covers and jumpers with appropriate optional test fixtures.
The stand can be used as a high voltage AC test system for insulation testing of such products as cables, insulators, etc. Leakage currents measurement and voltage of breakdownThe test system consists of one control unit CU, two high voltage units HVU-50 (50 kV each) and testing bath, which are connected by electrical cables.Control unit with digital or analog metersStainless steel testing bathTesting bath is designed to create conductive media for testing of protective equipment or tools with insulated handles. Testing bath consists of a container made of stainless steel and rack made of square steel pipe constructively connected via electrical insulators. Package with the testing bath includes a rack for placing four gloves or one bot and a measuring rod with four testing electrodes probes.During the test the bath tank is filled with conductive liquid in which there are immersed tested objects (protective equipment or tools with insulated handles). In tested object there are placed testing electrodes probes by means of which the leakage current of the tested object are measured and controlled. 

Output test AC voltage ranges, kV 0,1; 3; 100High voltage units - 2Number of electrodes in test tank - 12Leakage current measuring range, mA 0,3-7,6; 0,3-10Total weight (control unit, testing bath, HV unit) 51Power supply 220V; 50/60 HzPower consumption, kVA 0.9Accuracy, % 3Gloves class to be tested 00; 0; 1; 2