For years DneproEnergoTechnologiya Ltd. has been developing and producing our own products with the highest quality in design and service to meet the needs of customers and users worldwide, an extensive range as the most suitable and reasonable answer to the real needs of users. Products with unique benefits and exclusive features that help you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, anticipate any equipment failure and ensure the proper performance of your critical devices such as relays, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, panels, hipot testers, cable fault locators etc.

Equipment faithful to the traditional DneproEnergoTechnologiya Ltd. differentiation in the market with an easy and intuitive use and high flexibility for all applications; a wide range of testing equipment with multiple options for each application, with the required accuracy, power and portability, using the latest technology in compact and robust instruments with easy maintenance and updateable design.

We offer a wide range of solutions for protective relay testing, primary injection testing, secondary injection testing, cable testing, circuit breaker testing, resistance measurements, cable fault location and oil breakdown voltage testing, and more. Time and cost saving solutions designed to lower the testing complexity and facilitate the work of our customers.

High voltage testing
Hipot testers
Insulation testers
VLF testers

Cable fault location
Surge wave generators
Audio frequency generators
Receivers of cable faults

Current injectors
Primary current injectors
Secondary current injectors
DC current injectors
Oil testing
Breakdown voltage oil testers
Tan delta oil meters



Cable test vans
Cable test laboratories for cable test and fault location.
HV cables
HV cables
Cables for high voltage testing