Launching DTE-3M primary current injector

Following our commitment to deliver new high voltage testing equipment that best suits our clients’ needs, we announce the launch of the new DTE-3M primay current injector. 

Current injector for testing automatic circuit breakers is intended:

- to test the functionality and control of ampere-second characteristics of AC circuit breakers in the range of 20A up to 3kA, and measuring and storing of values of time and current flowing through the circuit breaker, hereinafter CB;

- for the verification and certification of the current, measurement and protection current transformers with primary current;

- for testing and calibration of current relays;

- for testing and calibration of thermal current relays;

- to check the fuses;

- can be used as a source of regulated AC current up to 3kA in a low-impedance power circuits for laboratory works.

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