VLF-60-0.1 very low frequency tester

VLF-60-0.1 very low frequency test system

The high voltage very low frequency test system VLF-60-0.1 is designed for generating the test voltage with alternating sign (+/-) with amplitude up to 60 kV on

frequencies of 0.1; 0.05 or 0.01 Hz at capacitive objects.

In particular, for testing the cross-linked polyethylene cables. Also for testing the insulation of power cables and solid dielectrics by DC voltage up to 60 kV. 

The device allows you to lower the resistance of the XLPE cable sheath in fault location  and determine the distance to the fault in relative values.

The high voltage tester VLF-60-0.1 consist of two separate units:

·control unit;

·high-voltage unit

AC power supply voltage 230 ± 20 V
Power supply frequency 50 ± 2 Hz
Output voltage with alternating sign, 1-60 kV
Output voltage frequency, Hz 0.1/0.05/0.01
Voltage waveformRectangular-cosine
Maximum load capacitance, 3.5 µF
Minimum load capacitance, 0.1 µF
Continuous operation time 1 hour 
Relative high voltage measurement error, 3 %
Relative test voltage frequency error, 3 %
Weight approx. 90 kgs

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