DTE-20M with DTE-6 current injector AC/DC

DTE-20M primary current injector AC with DTE-6 DC current injection test kit

The purpose of DTE-20M with DTE-6 is designed for high AC and DC current injection for testing DC relays and circuit breakers. The test kit is split into two modules: 1) Control unit with current transformer; 2) AC/DC converter. AC current output uo to 20 kA, DC current output - up to 6 kA.

DTE-20M primary current injector with DTE-6 DC current injector is a mobile device, which could be easily transported to a required testing location. Built in timer and ammeter. Thermal and short-circuit protection.


  • Supply voltage, V                                                                  380 ± 10% (220 ± 10%)      
  • Frequency, Hz                                                                      50/60
  • Max output current on busbars, kA (rms) AC                     20 (13 at 220 V at input)                  
  • Max output current on busbars, kA (rms) DC                     6
  • Max output voltage on busbars, V                                       7          
  • Output current measuring range (true rms), A                    20-20000
  • Current measurement reduced error, %                              3            
  • Tripping time measuring range, seconds                             0.01-1000                  
  • Time measurement reduced error, %                                  1.5
  • Temperature protection tripping, °С                                      96±10%
  • Max power consumption, kVA                                             120
  • Current consumption of supply network, A                         140
  • Net weight, kg                                                                      86 (without busbars)
  • Dimensions, mm                                                                  1097x650x870

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