SWG-20 surge wave generator

SWG-20 Surge Wave Generator

Surge Wave Generators SWG-series are intended for: 

- Locating distance to a cable fault using high voltage reflectometer SPARK-4;

- Cable fault location using receiver P-806 or POISK-2016 receivers with acoustic method.

According to statistics, the most common faults in the three-phase underground power cable occur such as "single-phase breakdown" (breakdown of one of the cores to the cable sheath). Breakdown of this type can be "creeping" (intermittent) (ie recovering insulation up to a certain voltage, which is lower than the operating voltage of the cable), and with the "insulation leakage" (insulation resistance decreases up to tens kilohms - hundreds ohms).

Quite frequent cases of breakdown of the two cores one to another and to cable sheath (line-to-line short circuit).

For single-phase breakdowns developers recommend the acoustic method of finding and identifying the fault location.

For the line-to-line short circuit it can be recommended induction method using GZCH-2500 with receiver      P-806 or POISK-2016 fault location for "loop" with preliminary insulation burning.

SWG-20 parameters

Surge at 20 kV, Joules                                                1444 (2888 optional)

Surge capacity, µF                                                       8 (16 optional)

Number of stages                                                         4  

Operating modes:

- manual                                                                        single pulse

- automatic                                                                    surge rate 0,25 Hz


Mains supply,                                                                220 ± 10%, 50/60 Hz                        

Dimensions, mm                                                           560x570x1000

Weight, kg                                                                     100

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